Where you can buy the best SEO tools?

There are many SEO monitoring or tracking tools available in online market. One needs to analyze all the possible requirements of the business and choose the best one. The overall growth of the business totally depends on how well you market your products or services in front of the potential customers. There are various types of techniques from which you can reach to the targeted audiences. One of them is Digital marketing. In digital marketing, various methods come into the picture, such as SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. Again for SEO,

there are various tools that one can use to promote their business in front of the potential customers.

Some popular tools that you can use for your business for SEO purpose are as follows,


Site explorer and backlink checker Ahrefs uses its own index of live links for providing SEO data. The suite includes SEO Report, Site Explorer, Domain Comparison, Backlinks Report, and Batch Analysis.

Site Explorer is the most popular tool of Ahrefs. It is a backlinks profile checker that runs reports on URL or domain and gives information related to the number of backlinks, referring pages/IPs/domains/subnets, backlink types, and anchor pages.

The data on Ahrefs updates after every 15 minutes.

The price starts at $79 per month, wherein 5,000 backlinks are checked per request. The free version checks 10 backlinks per request.


A competitor research tool that shows organic and paid keywords for any site or domain, SEMRush focuses on the aspects of search engine marketing, including paid search advertising and SEO.

Since, it has access to a massive amount of data from Bing and Google, it lets you see where the competitors are ranking for more than 95 million organic keywords.

Thus, it gets easier for you to determine how successful a keyword is for a particular domain and also to see the value of organic traffic coming to specific landing pages.

One of the biggest benefits of SEMRush is that it gives live updates about the rankings of your website. It provides real-time reports on how keywords are performing and comparisons with competitors.

A useful feature of SEMRush is the ability to tell which other websites are trying to rank for your keywords.

Price starts at $79.95, wherein you get 10,000 results per report and 3,000 reports per day.

Cognitive SEO

The fast and accurate backlink checker Cognitive SEO provides data and analysis necessary for checking backlinks quality and executing a link-building campaign in a single platform.

It combines link data from SEOKicks, Blekko, and ahrefs and fetches link quality metrics from Majestic SEO and Moz. Some of the key features of the link analysis tool Cognitive SEO are:

  • It shows link previews with snapshots of the site and highlights the exact position of the link
  • It shows data including anchor text, visibility, positioning, and website classification
  • Advanced competitive research shows unnatural link profiles
  • It gives multiple user access with permission levels

Price starts at $99 per month, wherein 25 sites are analyzed and 10,000 backlinks are crawled/site. A 14-day free trial is offered.


The comprehensive website crawler is best for the sites with large footprints. DeepCrawl simplifies on-page site crawl issues what may seem complicated to those who are not familiar with technical aspects of SEO.

Apart from showing the redirects, duplicate content, and URL issues, it also breaks down the meta descriptions, thin pages, and other crawl issues. Page level details are a useful feature of the tool, especially for larger sites, as it gets easier to see the errors on the page in a detailed way.

Although, I am a big fan of Screaming Frog, the desktop crawler demands a lot of bandwidth and system resources while crawling a big site and at time takes ages to crawl.

In comparison DeepCrawl is an online tool, which does the job well and even makes sharing of the issues easy by simply generating a link of the tool section you want to share with your developer/client or boss.

Price starts at $80 per month, wherein you can use the tool to crawl up to 100,000 URLs.


Get all your inbound marketing data in one place with Moz, formerly known as SEOmoz.

It is a suite of tools focused on demystifying the so-called black box process of SEO. GetListed, Followerwonk, Open Site Explorer, Fresh Web Explorer, and Rank Tracker are some of the most recommended tools of Moz. Here are some of the things Moz does:

  • Gets rankings, social, links, content, brand, and traffic related data – all in one place
  • Finds out website errors, missed conversations, and SEO opportunities for you and shows what to do next

The Moz Pro plan lets you run up to five different campaigns at the same time and you can track 300 keywords over all the five campaigns. Rank tracking is easy with Moz Pro, which is accompanied by competitive analysis so that you can see where you and your top competitors rank for the top keywords.

Price starts at $99 per month, wherein you can get Moz analysis for five campaigns, 300 keywords, and 250,000 crawled pages. A 30-day free trial is offered.

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