How to get website traffic quickly?

To get traffic on website you have various way to increase traffic, here i am going to share – let’s read below

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Paid Marketing (Run ads on Facebook & Google)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Influence Marketing

If you have good budget and you want to get instant result on your website then i would like to suggest you go through the Paid Campaign.

Facebook and Google have same option of Traffic that will be much more helpful to get early result on your website withing a days, its upto your budget and audience set method.

If you will run paid campaign for your website to get traffic then you have many option to choose your audience such as some most important option is Interest, Demographic, Age, Gender, Location, all these most useful option for getting perfect result on your website and likely to get engagement and conversion by using this method.

Before going for Paid campaign on Facebook or Google you will be to make strategy for your website traffic, whom you should target and what kind of the gender person we should target.

Search Engine Optimization-

If you have not budget and you are at SEO then you can get good traffic on your website.

Before doing seo you need to find out a most searchable keywords which you have to use in your website title, description, url as well as in your website content. try to use it properly then you can get good rank on google or other search engine.

SEO is good factor for increase website rank because 95% users use daily google for their query about all kind of services so if your website will rank at good position on Google then it might be good chance for click. if your website will appear at top position in google then there is huge opportunity to get a larger number of people.

As we know SEO has two parts.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Both parts is most important in case for ranking website in Google that’s why I would like to suggest don’t forget to do Off page seo.

Because many digital marketer say that Off page SEO has been died, it’s not right, it’s still alive.

Because if you will not make good backlinks for your website till then it is not possible to get good rank.

Social Media Marketing-

  • Make your business or brand account on each top most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest , Tumblr, Youtube.
  • Share daily 2- 4 post with your website url link.
  • Make good content and hd image for your post.
  • Your high quality image and content should be eye catching.
  • Try to post at that time when your social media fan or audience is active online, don’t use wast time because by using this method you can’t get engagement on your post as well as traffic.
  • Daily try to check your page insight option by using this method you can easily know about your audience at what time they come online or they use social media sites.
  • Use your all social media tabs on your website so that any users comes direct on your website then they could reach easily on your social media sites.

Email Marketing is fantastic way to reach at direct users gmail account and show to them about your product or business.

only you have to collect right data of clients like email id so that we could launch email campaign by using some most useful Email Software.

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